Once you have identified all the marketing and sales tools you’ll be implementing, you must also develop your data integration. This ensures that your leads and contacts don’t disappear, avoids messy re-entry into multiple systems, and ensures your marketing maintains can-spam, CASL, and GDPR compliance standards. Our team can build native integrations or use prescribed middle-ware solutions specifically for your organization.


We know that marketing and sales need to show results. If your digital campaigns can’t be linked to sales, then your integration needs to be updated.  Hybrid Digital knows how integrations should be designed. We ensure that tracking is enabled from the initial visit all the way through to where the opportunity is created.  We can implement first-touch, last-touch, and other variations to attribute campaigns for leads and contacts. Our solutions ensure you have all the data you require for your reporting needs.


Our solutions will minimize the need to import or export prospect lists between your marketing and sales platforms. Spend your time building campaigns instead of creating and modifying lists.


Every integration is designed with a focus on compliance. We can build solutions where you can record and trace opt-in and opt-outs and ensure your email marketing is running properly. Even if your current data needs to be cleaned up, we have solutions to get your data back into compliance quickly.

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