Custom Training

We offer site-specific, expert training tailored to your organization’s unique needs. And it’s designed with marketers and sales in mind.

Hybrid Digital has been the choice of many organizations nationwide (even worldwide) for Pardot and Marketing Cloud training. We designed our training to specifically benefit those working in digital marketing or sales and we accommodate all levels of experience, from new employees to seasoned veterans.

Our consultants have experience working in a wide variety of industries, but that doesn’t mean that we make marketing concepts difficult to put into practice. Instead of getting slowed down by theory and impractical concepts, our training emphasizes realistic and applicable situations at your organization. Hybrid Digital is dedicated to keeping your training practical: if you don’t need it for your job, we don’t cover it!

Ready to create digital marketing?

Course Listings

Hybrid Digital offers several standard and custom courses online. Below is a list of currently available courses.



Pardot Basics Training


  • Building out campaigns
  • Customizations
  • Emails and automations
  • Demand generation with landing pages and forms
  • Lead management with scores, grading, and segmentation


Pardot Advanced


  • Advanced segmentation
  • Form Handlers
  • Advanced Engagement Studio
  • HML language
  • Salesforce Integration


Pardot Mentoring


  • Individualized
  • Any level
  • Pardot Administration
  • Best Practices
  • Salesforce Integration


Marketing Cloud Basics


  • Intro to Email Studio
  • Intro to Automation Studio
  • User management
  • Content management
  • Subscriber management
  • Profile management


Social Studio


  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Salesforce integration
  • Social listening
  • Social posts
  • Workplaces


Mobile Studio


  • SMS and MMS basics
  • AMPscript and Dynamic posts
  • Contact management