Is there a certification for Arc Flash compliance?

By Jay Smith
Executive Vice President

Frequently, we receive questions at tradeshows regarding Arc Flash certification. Currently, there is no certification for Arc Flash compliance and Lewellyn Technology does not offer it. Some companies offer a certification, but it is just a signed piece of paper without any true value.

If you plan to protect your employees from electrical hazards, then you should look at completing the following steps:

  • Arc Flash Risk Analysis
  • Electrical Safe Work Practices Training
  • PPE
  • Safety Program Development
  • Arc Flash Labeling

These steps are all required as part of ensuring workplace safety. If you start working on these items and look at how it protects your employees, then compliance is eventually achieved.  Remember, there are vendors out there who say they offer Certification, but any certificate never means you have compliance.

My advice: hire a qualified safety company who understands the process and will protect your employees.