Pardot Audits

A Pardot Audit can provide assistance in establishing a baseline for your marketing and sales efforts. When done in conjunction with a business analysis of your marketing and sales process, an audit can provide useful insights on how your current demand generation is working and how you can improve it.  A Pardot Audit will include a complete review of all configurations, data sync process with Salesforce, campaigns and email analysis reports, completed by qualified and certified Pardot Consultant. This audit will provide a report of the current snapshot of your Pardot instance and an outline any areas of immediate concern.


  • Time – Our qualified consultants can complete an audit and provide you with a final report within a week.
  • Qualified & certified consultants – There is no need to ask your employees to research on Pardot best practices. Hybrid Digital has qualified and Salesforce certified consultants that can provide you the expertise on how best you can optimize Pardot.

Audit Features

  • Technical Audit of Pardot configuration including domains, users, integrations and settings.
  • Review of marketing assets including forms, form handlers, email templates and landing page layouts.
  • Evaluation of automation and lead management such as grading, scoring, engagement studio programs and automation rules.
  • Assess data management including Salesforce integration, segmentation and process management.
  • Strategy and Campaign best practices on how email marketing fits within your overall sales and marketing needs.

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